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Hello. I'm Bruna - Brazil. This blog is NSFW / R18. You can find doujins and comics about Hetalia, Death Note, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Durarara!!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Free!, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Kuroko no Basket and any other fandom you'd like! JUST YAOI ONLY ENGLISH YAY

Excuse me but i was wondering, how do you make a tags page?

  • on your dashboard or even on your blog go on “customize”
  • click on “+ add a page” then pick a name you want for that page, like ‘ A NAME
  • it’s like a normal text post, so you write whatever you want on that;
  • when you finished switch on “show a link to this page”
  • save
  • the new page you created will show on your blog.

that’s it!

Was the one who asked about the phi brain. Was trying to find a yaoi doujin of Rook x Kaito. If there isn't nevermind. and thanks!

yeah, i looked forward and nothing. sorry! =/

[Murasakibara / Himuro] Muro-chin, I’ve become…


Fandom : Kuroko no Basket
Characters : Himuro, Murasakibara
Rate : G

Original : p_____man | Translation : Maliiiik


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