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Hello. I'm Bruna - Brazil. This blog is NSFW / R18. You can find doujins and comics about Hetalia, Death Note, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Durarara!!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Free!, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Kuroko no Basket and any other fandom you'd like! JUST YAOI ONLY ENGLISH YAY

Can you find any Vampire Knight doujinshi? Please and thank you. :)

vampire knight || kaname x zero

Reliant ~Erwin x Levi / Eren x Levi (SnK doujin)

Circle: #16 & OJmomo
Pairing: Erwin x Levi & Eren x Levi
Rating: R-18
Language: ENGLISH
Scans: Ebil Trio
Scanlator: Fuwa Syndrome Scans

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Strawberry Dance ~ Erwin x Levi (SnK doujin)

Title: Strawberry Dance
Circle: 動物の謝肉祭/ 森下アヒル
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin
Pairing: Erwin x Levi
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Scanlation: ebil_trio

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Hello ! May I ask ? Do you know where I can read a doujin where the cover is Kise , Midorima and Takao wearing a maid costume ? I can send you a picture ! Thanks c:

send the cover or the name of this doujin. it’s more easy this way. i’ll try helping you to find!