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Hello. I'm Bruna - Brazil. This blog is NSFW / R18. You can find doujins and comics about Hetalia, Death Note, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Durarara!!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Free!, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Kuroko no Basket and any other fandom you'd like! JUST YAOI ONLY ENGLISH YAY

Do you have any TouMaki doujinshi?

toudou x makishima

hi ! I'm looking for some beelzebub doujinshi, preferably Himekawa x Kanzaki if you can find it (I remember seeing some but I can't remember where -_- ) thanks !

yeah, i just have one but ogafuru, can’t find any other ship. =/

Do you have any doujinshi on Count of Monte Cristo (or Edmond) x Albert from Gankutsuou?

I could die in a happy place reading something like that!! But… but… no, i can’t find! THIS WORLD IS WRONG